inner voice

Before you do

Listen leaves, just go and flutter in the air before you are shed
Hey man..! Just go and live your life before you are dead….!
Let the clouds thunder before they start precipitating
Let the trees grow before the soil starts descicating….!
Let the girl child know that she is a girl before you abort
Let’s wear all those clothes lying in the cupboard before they are short…!
Just make efforts, go and win before you lose
Just agree for the things before you refuse….!
Jassmeet Singh



The woods yellow, leaves fallen
Sharp rasps, scolds and trills of mockingbirds nearby
Wind blowing swiftly in every corner I travel my eye to
Autumn concerts and grandma’s apple pie
The season of halloween will come
Children start to plan their disguise
The orange skies and carpet of leaves
Makes me love the fall even more
The old sweater, my favourite flower now bloomed
Dahlia in my grandma’s garden or
African daisies in the flower shop
So confused I am between the flowers
That I forget about the heaps and leaps of little kids in the mud ponds and stack of leaves
Different scenes it shows us
That it makes me love the fall even more.
Dhriti Anish Chib
Grade IX
Cambridge International School




Your children learn from you.
You’re nice, they are nice.
You’re nasty, they are too.
You’re happy, they are happy.
You’re sad, they are sad.
Your kids copy you, this is not
genetic – its learned.
They’re taught by you.
Think about it.
Be a better person to create better people……
It starts with You.
If you avoid, Be Ready to Face
Because… it starts with you and ends at you
It’s all about ethics which is not
genetic – its learned.
Nrityashree Deepak Dutta