inner voice


When the winters start, arrives the festival of light.
In between the darkness, everything shines bright.
The Goddess Durga gives us a huge amount of strength.
Our will-power increases and for survival we go to any length.
There is celebration of victory of evil.
Our minds remain calm and we kill our inner devil.
The beast in us is killed.
All our wishes and desires are fulfilled.
All our pains and all our sorrows are hereby rowed.
When on our head, the blessings of Mata Rani are bestowed.
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu



Full of tears and in pain but with a happy heart she struggled a lot.
She welcomed me into her world,
She knows now onwards she had to struggle a lot.
Her arms are the world’s safest place,
She stays up all night to take care of her heart.
The journey from my fall to walking reflects the struggle
She has for me and shows a lot.
She struggles to give an impeccable education,
She always checks over and over what is good for her heart.
Her dreams her wishes are no longer her and her life is not up to her.
She is selfless,
She put all her efforts,
Work like a machine but is never satisfied a lot.
She is the guardian of her galaxy,
She is superwomen and she is everywhere.
Er. Nishu Sharma

Girl Child

Let me come out and,
See the whole world.
Why can’t I live ?
Because of being a girl !
I want to grow,
Like everyone else.
Why do you kill me ?
Doesn’t your heart melt ?
I wish I could come,
And say mom and dad.
But this world would be,
Happy when I am dead.
Your life will change,
With coming of a new dawn.
And this will only happen,
When I am born !
Kanishk Prashar
Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School