inner voice

My Desire!!

I wish I become as transparent as water,
To fulfil the thirst of poor.
I wish I become as pure as air,
Make everyone feel happier.
I wish I become as tall as tree,
Able to give shade to others.
I wish I become as clear as raindrop,
As it symbolises acceptance and surrender.
I wish I become as bright as sunlight,
Able to spread positivity in everyone’s life.
Bhumika Lakhotra
SP Smart School, Sarore


Things are complex


Nothing I can solve
Nothing is settled
Everything dissolved
Misfortune is what carries me now,
Don’t know where to stand,
Where to sit
Tears don’t fade away
There is this internal glitch
Black and in grief
Why is it just me?
Pain is what I see, hear and feel
But cannot do anything at all
Wish I had the power to sway away from the pain away
But I am helpless
Don’t know how to sway
Oh! Somebody
Pls help me out, hear me out
My mind is stuck
I don’t know what to do
Where to go
Pain is what I see, feel, hear and speak
Pain just gushes out way from the body
This is all not so simple
Everything is mixed emotions, and actions nothing is fixed
I don’t know what to do
In fact, what can I do
This is all not so simple
Manya Sharma




Infants are our best teachers,
Irrespective of all odds they are best preachers;
You are short or tall, they care not,
Thin or fat, color of the skin or religious afflictions to them matter not,
Unconditionally they love,
In their innocence lies their love;
They know not of time or day,
They know this instant is the only time, their love’s way;
They are spiritual beings-they light up the room wherever they are,
The very special light of love , they are;
They need no words to communicate,
They use heart to heart communication to say whatever they wish to state;
They teach parents to have patience,
The foundation of unconditional love is patience;
They teach the power of gentleness,
And teach the power of tenderness;
They know within their heart when you send love,
It is always received, the sending and receiving is love.
Kulbhushan Gupta