inner voice

Words that are medicine

Actions speak louder than words,
This statement could not be more true,
But sometimes the words rolling out of your tongue,
Can tell how mych of a kind human are you,
They can be used to manipulate others,
If spoken with utter selfishness of heart,
They can liberate others from their painful, traumas,
If filled with empathy right from the start,
How books filled with positive words,
Can be for someone, a beacon of light,
How right words out of your therapist’s mouth,
Reassures that life can be alright,
How genuine appreciation from someone,
Can make your gloomy and dull face glow,
How genuine advices cheer you up,
At times when your energy is too low,
The next time you decide to demean someone,
Just pause your thoughts for a minute or two,
What can’t be done through actions sometimes,
Is something that right words can surely do.
Nausheen Padha


Our life and its answers are tough to find.
The complexities lie in our mind.
With complexities there is diversion.
It always wants our authority, it always needs our assertion.
The colours of life are never black or white.
Keep the mind calm, nothing will go out of site.
Being popular is not the need of the hour.
Have a sweet tongue and your mind fresh, then nothing will go sour.
Contradictions and criticism should never make you bog down.
The things that belong to you will always be your own.
Many times you have to face the major test.
Just don’t lie down until you achieve the best.
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu


Your Warmth

You failed to realise what you meant to me
I don’t even miss your warmth
The winters are here to keep me warm.
The midnight moon gives me the charm !
As you sow , so shall you reap !
Mountain of our differences became too steep!
The thought of you is like nightmare in a dream ,
It won’t matter how loud I scream
Our paths crossed, then our fingers,
But now it feels as if I am crucified
What I am seeking doesn’t even exist ,
So how could it even hide ?
You left me to drown,
Now I am ten toes up on my own.
Your warmth was like a flowery mist,
Got faded with time, leaving nothing behind.
Arnav Sharma