inner voice


Opportunities are sometimes easy to find
And sometimes they make us grind
There should be something worthy to give and take
Otherwise the real things might become fake
The lines may be cheesy and heart may be clean
There are few slim fit things and some things are lean
Learn to go extra mile and take your chance
When things become good, there is a sense of romance
There is a big involvement of both truth and dare
When you want to improve, have some time in spare
You might be wrong and sometimes you are right
Have a clear vision and nothing will go out of sight
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu


Fight over religion!

Burn your anger,
Kill your desire,
Live with happiness,
Spread the loveliness…
Leaders have tried to divide us,
Divide us ;
On the basis of religion,
On the basis of caste,
We don’t need to fight,
We need to reunite..
We have to make the choice,
And strongly raise our voice,
You pray to Shiva,
I pray to Allah,
We need to respect this,
We all are humans,
Humans with brain,
Religion is for respect
Not for the defame….
Mehvish Noor


From the flames of the yagna, she was born,
Married to one men but to five she was sworn.
A kind and humble woman, she was the lady of substance,
Taunted the blind’s son who embodies envy and arrogance.
Villains ridiculed her husbands with the absurd laugh,
Honest men among all stake his gold,property and the better-half.
She was dragged by hairs to the gambling hall when she protested,
Elders remained silent as the confines of the dharma were already tested.
The fierce and bold fire woman was at stake,
No one protested when she was disrobed to be naked.
The sun hid in shame and skies turned dark,
Pillars of the hall trembled, collapse of civilisation was marked.
To everyone’s revelation something happened incredible,
She remained in fabric and that was a miracle.
Humans becoming animals was the tragedy of situation,
She never tied her hairs remembering retaliation.
Her husbands become victorious in battle, God as a charioteer they hath,
She washed her hairs with evildoer’s blood after the great bloodbath.
No ordinary women, she was worshipped by sky Gods under Banyan tree,
In the far heavens it was divulged that she is the incarnation of Shree.
Ayush Sharma