inner voice



I stay alone in the dark,
Like to keep the blinds closed.
People think I’m depressed and sad,
Like I’m on drugs and I overdosed.
It’s just my vibe get over it,
It’s not like I’m trying to fit.
Listen to sad songs,
It’s just my vibe.
What is wrong?
It’s not like I have a sad life.
Like to be emo,
But so what?
It’s my vibe,
Sorry but I don’t wanna be nemo.
Listen to sad songs as it’s my taste,
And then you ask me if my life’s a waste.
Do I have to be depressed to have an emo vibe?
Like let me live my life!
Sanvi Rajput
Bahu Apartments


Prisoner by Choice


I am engulfed by a strange misery
No, I don’t find comfort in melancholy
But where do I go if it chose me?
I want to fight against it, but it ensnares me
Like it has done something to my senses
And I lay lifelessly in its arms,
Wondering of something bright,
As darkness covers my eyes
And I am too tired to escape the cocoon it has
created around me.
Like I am its prisoner, by my own choice
It feeds on my hopes, dreams, tears
And somehow keeps on growing…
And I am afraid that soon,
There will be nothing left of me,
Except a couple borrowed breathes,
And a heart that has been overused.
The only thing that can resuscitate what’s left of me…
Is undying love…
But it can’t hold me anymore
It can’t hold me.
Nausheen Padha


beautiful day


Today is a beautiful day,
unlike the usual gray
that lurks around like a depression
sucking all of the aggression.
Today is a beautiful day,
on a bright sunny May,
flowers are in full bloom
as if just born from the mother earth’s womb.
Today is a beautiful day,
and it will make every dejected soul stay
like the happiness scattered by the rising sun’s rays
leaving every entity amazed.
Today is a beautiful day,
to go out in nature and lay
on the glistening riverside
keeping these breathtaking view in memory, solidified.
Suhasni Sharma