inner voice

An ode to the Mother

An ode to a mother who gave birth to a dozens but only two of hers lived
The tallest and bold mother, who lied on the bed with her new born when the fires lit just outside her house
The mother who religiously followed the belief and never had black gram to save and protect her children
The mother who asked her daughter not to come home earlier if her grandson is sick
The mother who missed her daughter and wore her wedding bangles, to reduce the pain of longing for her daughter
The mother who lived life like a lioness, bold, loving and caring,
The mother who skipped medicines and ate what she liked not what doctors prescribed
The mother who pressed her daughters hands for a brief moment when she came out of the long slumber
The mother who was friendly and too loving with her blessed kids
The mother who went into slumber again in the morning to finally take some rest!!!


‘In the jungle of life’

In the jungle of life
Like butterflies
Fly in search of beautiful flowers
And sucks nectar from them
For their existance
But in the process
They have to face hard and soft weather
Jungle of life
With vividly grown and
Beautifully decorated flowers
Has feelings
Like beautifully decorated butterflies
With their tubular beaks
Tender wings and short span of life
But then also are powerful enough
To drill deep
Into the flowers
To suck nectar from them
Kiran Kanchan




School bag dangling loosely,
While running towards the shop,
Pulling up our dirty socks,
That slid down at each playful hop,
We thought we would buy the world,
With the pocket money so meager,
‘Hey’ Let’s buy that pack of funyums too’,
My friends were always too eager,
There was nothing to hold onto,
A bleak hope was there.
That we would do something of value,
But in that moment, we ceased to care,
Worries came in different flavours,
In our mouths, we let them dissolve,
The stress of exams, the yearning of love,
Nothing a candy could not solve,
A mouthful of nostalgia.
Of which the grown ups have no clue.
Give me a few more candies,
Some red. and green and blue.
Nausheen Padha