inner voice


A subtle sense of lethargy
Manages to overcome my mind’s desire.
The process involved is so subtle.
To some, it might even look sublime.
Whereas in reality
It manages to take away even the left dime of stored senses.
Withered as I manage to stand
With this lethargy holding one of my hands,
Along with the thought of the dime in the other.
Strangely, the chime of the dime
Is loud and clear
But the feel of the dime is mostly imaginary.
While some tag touch of lethargy ‘divine’,
Others claim this to be the mind’s
preposterous crime.
Who ie gonna help ?
Aditi Magotra
IIT Jammu




During a few days ago
There came a strong storm
By which a tree was uprooted,
And parrot mother fled away with loss of its kids.
One had no idea, in that tree little lives of parrot kids
Numbering four were there.
One of them
Suddenly picked up by
A crow sitting nearby.
The two others picked up by another man.
The youngest of all,
I picked up and started feeding it on milk.
Now it is fourteen days old taking all fruits.
Surprisingly, a thing is to be told
That it sleeps along with me
Clinging up with my chest
When it feels hungry, I feed it with khichdi of moong dal daily
And it is getting up smart day by day.
My youngest brother’s kids enjoy its wonderful company the whole day long
And does not let it feel separation from its mother’s unconditional love.
What a mother’s unconditional love towards its kids!!!!!
This shows how I love birds’ world
Which is our moral duty for its saviour.
Tara Chand Bhagat
Talab Tillo, Jammu.



Why everyone came to just hurt me ;
No one is here to love me.
Sometimes I think I am not made to be loved ;
Sometimes I think I don’t deserve love .
I am depressed ; i am sad
I want to sit alone and want myself with me.
I am getting away from myself and everyone ;
Crying in corner saying I am not enough.
There is pain behind my big fake smile;
Deep secrets and thoughts killing me inside.
I want to kill myself but I can’t;
Just living a life with depression with a hope.
I am happy who are with me;
I am thankful for everything to God.
Walking in this world with fake people ;
Everyone to hurt me no one to love me.
Yeah ! I am senstive and soft hearted ;
I cry easily but my heart is pure like water .
I am not saying to love me ;
I am just saying please understand me.
Garima verma
Hamirpur Kathua