inner voice



Let’s spend some time together
Me and my thoughts only,Time and memories fly like a feather
Moments are passing each day….All the bitter things at bay.
Spreading love and happiness everywhere…..No one is far and no one is so near…….
Let’s spend some time together
New experiences within and life is about to gear…….
Let’s sing a song together….
No one is here to gather
In search of peace within
Will definitely win this inning
Let’s spend some time together
Many feelings to express……
Really don’t know why I m depressed…..
Going to sow a seed,
With a hope flower will bloom without any weed.
(Georgians Academy, Jammu)




Her innocence was taken away at a very young age
She was beaten
She was maimed
She was killed and raped
She was ashamed of who she was
She felt dirty where their hands touched her
No one looked at her the same way
She closed off completely
Her family treated her like a porcelain doll
Who might break into pieces if something went wrong?
They walked on eggshells whenever she was around
She talked to no one
Her only friend was the darkness inside of her
Until one day he came
They were strangers when they met
He had heard rumours but did not believe them
He treated her the way no one else did
She could not believe it
For her, it was like a fairy-tale
Until one day he disappeared
She found a note saying, `I have a family and I hope that you find happiness again’
And just like that, she was left heartbroken by the man whom she had let inside her heart, her deepest
thought, her mind, body, and soul
But this time she did not give up
Because she had an unborn child to take care of
She was stronger than ever before
She worked and worked and worked
Until she had achieved what they had dreamed of
But even after many years
Her eyes were cold
She felt nothing at all
Her unborn child was never born ’cause he had met the grim-reaper
Arushi Rai



I was sitting peacefully,
Suddenly thinking about world crisis.
Thinking of this make me sad,
There are tears and pain everywhere.
Oh Dear Krishna ! world needs you,
You are the only one who can cure on pain.
O Krishna, see this world!, what happens to it.
Humans are ready to kill any one for their greed.
The world is full of wear and anger,
Need of peace in every one’s mind.
Anxiety, depression and sadness is increasing
Because everyone is getting detached from Krishna
Knowledge is decreasing: fake faiths are increasing,
Persons are getting away from themselves.
There is need of knowledge, breaking of fake faiths.
Vedanta will be the only option for this.
Garima Verma
Hamirpur, Kathua