inner voice

But i do

You can do miracles
You can change lives
But you couldn’t
change mine
You are the light
And I am the brightest star
Who doesn’t get to live long
You paint my future
You paint my Destiny
and all the stars and galaxies
You paint my future, my destiny oh!
You make me go through the pain
You make me stronger every day
Even when I cry myself to sleep
I remember you daily
On my happiest days, I feel you near me
On my saddest days, I feel you with me
Sometimes it feels like you’re my shadow
Never leaving me alone
and I don’t want you to
When darkness surrounds me
You’re the only light I see
It feels as if you’re my destiny, oh!
you’re the ultimate bright side
Even though they don’t know why
They don’t believe that you exist
They don’t believe that you’re here with me
But I do



We vibrant veterans
Nationalist to the core
Nationalism in mind uppermost .
Although Hail from different states
Yet we are interwoven as one
We love our motherland
And all countrymen .
Unitedly fight as one
A reckon able force
Punch much more .
Lose not an inch of ground
Our unshakable resolve.
Love our country as first
And family cometh next
Unity is our strength
Understand my dear friends.
We motivate current generation
And will motivate generations ahead
Motivating and motivation our bread and butter
Country to always win
Then only we rest.
Enemy shows eyes
Bigger tenacity we applied.
Nation always first
Till we are laid to rest
Jai hind Jai bharat.
Col Paramjit Singh


‘We can’t be perfect’


What will I write,
Keeping aside my internal fight,
Trying to keep myself calm,
By remembering your charm,
Let’s remember our start,
When lonely was my heart,
Your came like a ray of light,
And we both avoided our fight,
Then came a phase,
And we both started to chase,
Our flaws and mistakes,
Ending up with headaches,
After that,
Alot of talk and chat,
We accepted each other’s views,
Loved each other without excuse,
The commitment we’re showing,
And the love with which we’re flowing,
Is teaching us to respect,
By remembering we can’t be perfect.
Digvijay Singh