inner voice

A Child’s Dreamland

Children’s heads are full of wild things and creatures,
But when they go to sleep their dreams are even wilder.
Rivers made out of soda and fizzy drinks,
Who knew this was what a child thinks?
They dream of their dreamland which is a heavenly place.
Whenever a child dreams of it, they have a smile on their face.
Flying cars and caramel cheese, liquorice trees and candy bees,
How fabulous it all seems!
Riding on magic carpets, meeting princesses and princes,
Everything is free there is no such thing as expenses.
Cybernetic pirates and ships made up of lollipops,
And dew is replaced by candy drops!
We can fly in the sky like superman, or run like lightening just like flash
To catch the bandits who stole the cash.
Be the prince to save the day,
As well as the damsel in distress.
There is no stress only success.
Riding on rainbows and catching the stars,
We can be the superstars.
No work and all play, that is a dreamland day.
Be whoever you want to be for the dreamland will provide.
Come out don’t be shy there is no need to hide.
All of your desired dreams will come true here,
No one will ever interfere.
You wake up today and go to sleep tonight,
For sleeping is your ticket to dreamland,
Your dreams again shall ignite.
Sarvani Chowdhary


voice from Heaven

This is not my fate.
It’s very very unfortunate.
One who has to spread brotherhood and unity in the state .
Now is spreading the religious and communal hate .
No one knows the bullet kills them comes where from .
No one knows the blood flows towards the river comes where from.
Without any guilt putting me behind the bar.
In other way he is forcing me to indulge in a war.
One who has to secure his country men’s
Now is killing them with loaded guns .
Laws are made by violating human and ethical laws.
Innocents are killed without any cause .
Flowers of garden are crushed .
Is it Paradise where angles are thrashed.
I am not here alone to bear the pain .
We (humans)are cosmopolitan and have international chain.
I think the terrorism is the cause of this all.
But the politics has given birth this at all.
The hate , the injustice is on its peak .
The truth , the love and the unity has no right to speak.
It’s not me who is speaking against you.
It’s the voice of their souls speaking from the heavens.
Syed Tanveer Ahmed



Beauty is not in our pretty face It is about glow of our soul
To handle any situation in a good way, is beauty Not simply dressing up cutely
Beauty is in our inner feelings Not our outer appearance
Outer beauty only attracts everyone But inner beauty captivates
Beauty is in spreading our smile Not in anger or fight
Beauty is in nature
In rain, in trees, in birds, and in every creature Outer beauty is temporary
But inner beauty lasts for life!
Bhumika Lakhotra
FCHS Bishnah