inner voice


Some never struggle but do succeed
Live richly though little do they read
Others are born poor and get little to feed
Those with good destiny do them lead
Sometimes so deeply do I think
And in thought my eyes do blink
With God is there be any such link?
That some float while others sink. Some are born just to sigh
Others are born to fly high
Some are born just to cry
Others get all without try.
What everyone needs is a chance
That one can sing;one can dance
Write a great poem or a romance
Or think big while being in trance.
Ashok Sharma



A unique group of four
Prolongs life for sure .
Bestows good health
Spiritually better than wealth .
Union and closeness of four
Will cause undoubted furore
From public for sure.
Marvellous foursome
Is a beauty winsome .
At foursome no sneer and scoff
Just no negative laugh.
A unique family
Unique members of family
Give a healthy life
And trusted prolonged life.
Friends are a hidden treasure
Who too give us happier moments of life.
Neighbors too are a treasure
Who give us good health .
Provide us sought after immediate support
And shower enormous pleasure.
A society shapes us well
Makes a good human out of us
Without much fuss .
So company of foursome
Is a beauty winsome.
Company of four loose not
Which is most sought after
Let happiness despair not
A good health is always town talk.
Company of four loose not .
Col Parmjit
Sainik Colony

The Dangerous lion

I am going to jungle, which is dense
Remembering the providence
You will think I have no sense
I am here alone
Without my comrade
And made
Here, my office sends me
A lion, I may not see
Or he will drink my blood like tea
Or desi ghee
Roaaaaaaar Roaar!
I saw him walking and I saw his ministers because he is the king
His ministers were wolf and bear
I think they will make me tear
Don’t go to him
Then you will be grim
His hairs were not trim
His body was energetic
but I was hectic
Ping Ping my alarm rang
And the happiest song I Sang
Mahin Mahajan
Jodhamal Public School