Inner Voice


Dragging in the cliff of the emotional dilemma
You evoke suspicions in me
Is it that you’re an immortal or merely a mortal?
For you embrace the jingles of my cradle
And you’re the dweller of my grave.
Amidst the waves of hopelessness
You embark your faith in me
And somewhere in between the petals of fulfillment,
you bring impatience in me.
Hearing the burning voices of the fire you induce valour in me
Musing on the flowing streams you bring calm in me.
In the winds, the sobbing of the trees conveying a message from the forests,
incites uncertainty in me.
I felt you in the sensational fire
I breathed you in the mystic winds
I cuddled you in the blooming flowers of love.
I saw you in the withering leaves of a tale.
I slept in the lap of your motherly lullabies.
I soaked you in the light of the sun and the moon.
I dreamt of you in the twinkling stars of the night.
I longed for you in the dawn and dusk of the hope.
And so I continued to search for you unaware of the verity,
that you always resided in the castle of my heart.
— Divyanshi Sharma
Greater Jammu


Learning a Way of Life

Learning continues till we are alive.
We learn from parents, siblings, buddies, husband or wife.
Sources of learning not restricted to only elderly or experienced file.
It transgresses boundaries of all ages, gender, social status and borders of all kinds.
Not to forget, even animals, birds, situations and all planets
can teach you lessons of life.
One can learn from sea waves, a tree, a shingle or a tourist site.
At every step you have umpteen teachers to guide.
Only you need Eklavya’s passion to be imbibed.
For emulation a keen observer is required.
Complacency! Is the right way of life?
No, it leads to stagnation and miseries of all kinds.
Hunger to learn enhances your worth over a period of time.
No doubt, sometimes you get enriched by asked and unasked advice.
Learning new good things would always lead to blissful life.
Asha Mahajan


An Inspiring Individual !!

I know when it comes to you , I’m little inexpressive
But to me you are an image – so tough and decisive
I feel happy and proud when someone Says that with you,
I exhibit a resembling personality
For me you were and will always be an inspiring individuality
Man of principles though extremist
I have only one ideal and that’s you, I do mean it
A man so righteous A man so bold
For you, deepest respect and love , I hold
Short tempered but kindest at heart
I adore when useless myths and customs, you disregard
To make you feel proud on me is all that I desire
Dear Dad ! else than you no one and nothing is prior !!
Shiv Shakti Sunaina
Miran Sahib, Jammu