Inner Voice



Tranquility through trance
Forgive and forget
Hampering peace no chance
And live long
Give advice only when asked
Poke not nose and keep quiet
when two persons arguing, one to keep quiet
When no wisdom prevails keep quiet
And matter gets resolved
Failing which naught
This is called balance life
Maintain silence if things go wrong
Silence is virtue and peace throngs
If things go wonky at times
Get not cranky
Work not to earn your name as bigwigs
No biggy biggies
Never be envious
Advice free but marvellous
Aim should be simple and concise
Select achievable aim
According to environment adjust
What can’t be cured
Must be endured
Never do a thing for which one has to regret later
Never keep your mind empty
Let it be fully occupied
Achieve state of trance
Enjoy equanimity
Through tranquility achieve trance
Enjoy profound peace
Achieve peace at one glance
Col Parmjit
Sainik Colony


You’re cherished, you’re remembered
As a root of the home’s soil you were membered
Your smile was the most precious thing
Whenever you would be there happiness you would bring
Life was splendid when you were along
Your advices would never go wrong
Reminisced, you’re being still
Because of your powerful will
You are one in a million
With your laugh uncommon to hear in a billion
May your soul rest in peace
Wish your life could ever increase
But if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride
But still, you were one of a kind
Anaisha and Amaira Khindri


I have not seen God,
But for me, my father is my Lord.
I’m so blessed to have a dad like you,
You are outstanding in everything you do.
You are internally innocent and externally hardworking ,
You complete all my wishes – small or big .
I can’t live a moment without you because all of me is in you,
Very affectionate and full of love are you.
You are a star, an inspiration for many,
Without you, I’m not even a penny.
Thank you for always being there for me
Mannat Sabharwal

Dear brother

You went – when you deserved to stay,
Left me with losses – too much to pay.
Memories I carry – can’t stop thinking about,
Wish you were here and I could make you proud.
Questions I carry – don’t know where to bury?
Tears still fall down, when Maa cooks your favourite curry.
“He’s gone to a better place” – they tell me everyday,
But how do I believe? Only if you could send me a ray.
Your place, your things – everything makes me breathe hard,
How do I face the world alone? When you were my only guard.
Together we grew – but now you’ve turned your back,
Was it really necessary? Where did I lack?
I know we often fought – but every siblings do,
How do I move on? When in my lap you turned blue.
“Shh.. don’t cry, he won’t like it” – they say,
How stubborn you are! See me cry also didn’t make you change your way?
Okay! I promise – I’ll be a good younger one, no complaints, nothing – I won’t say a word,
But just come back now, please don’t leave me unheard.
Eya Khajuria