Inner Voice

India will revive soon

I can feel the agony of the people, when sitting outside,
I hear the sirens of the ambulance. The roads are deserted.
I feel secluded from the outside world
At the same time, I hear people applauding because of the IPL
When the country is in distress are the IPL so important?
On switching on the television
I could see the people standing in a queue waiting for
the rooms in the hospitals or waiting for the oxygen cylinders
At the same time, I also saw many standing in a queue
excited or unaware to cast their votes
Were the elections so important at this time?
So much of money, security being used for the elections
At the same time many had to sell the jewellery just to
survive or take care of their loved ones
Is this what we call justice?
Let’s all act smart and not bring religion in between
Let the politics not create any barrier
Let’s take a pledge to help each other not as an individual
but as a country as whole.
It is now time when we all stand together once again
And break the corona chain.
Not as one religion or race
But as one country which has smiles on each face
India will revive soon
Yes, my country will surely revive soon
Amaira Khindri

My Little Heart

Oh! My little heart
Don’t get hurt too much…
The world is so colourful
Everyone is different here….
People always try to hurt you
But You don’t get hurt my dear…
Some always use you
Some take advantage here…
Oh! My little heart
Don’t get hurt too much…
Some talk in a taunting way
Some makes you weaker here…
Some always discourage you
Some never encourage here….
Some always put you down
Some never make you strong…
Oh! My little heart
Don’t get hurt too much…
Some always remember bad
Some never recall good…
Some always tell you lie
Some never show the right…
Some always make promises
Some never fullfill here…
Some always prove you wrong
Some never show their crime…
Oh! My little heart
Don’t get hurt too much…
Everyone is not so bad
Good one also exist here….
Sofia Jangral
Bari Brahmana


O! Mom, O! Mom,
you are the first sunray of my dawn,
you are the one to whom I have known the most,
The day when I entered this world,
you were the one to love me the most,
when you wrapped me in your warmth,
I just saw heaven through the home of stars,
your eternal love for me,
is quite like living in a house of fantasy,
the way thou take care of everyone,
just bloomed me delight,
I know we have lots and lots of fight,
but trust me, my beloved,
you are the one who will make my
hereafter bright!!