Inner Voice

Thought Of A Woman

She never thought about
What she is facing now..
She never thought about the pain
She is bearing now…
She never thought about the discourage
She is getting from everyone now…
She never thought about the insult
She always face all around…
She never thought about the cheating
Which she gets from her loved ones…
She never thought about the abusing words which some people use for her…
She never thought about the ritual
Which society already decided for her…
She never thought about the separation
Which she gets from her parents home…
She never thought about the comments
Which she listens in her husband’s home..
She never thought about the ignorance
Which she gets from everywhere…
And after facing all these things
She really never thought about the strength which she has shown…
Sofia Jangral
Bari Brahmana


Salute to my motherland,
Where we all live cooperatively.
A country of such diverse culture respective of every one’s feelings.
Where festivals lit up hearts
People meet heart to heart virtually makes it’s dignity worth while.
Where the festivals colour the soul People hug the differences.
Where every one cares the crown called family.
Where the whole dedication is to god Some worship, while others pray.
Where there is diversification in taste, creed, colour, weather and culture.
Where every one feels lucky
to live in such a spirited democracy.
0 my motherland ,
You are my pride, my nation, my love.
Jugesh Singh Thakur.
Pogal Ramban


She bled, she wept, she crawled, she crept,
Came no one; who used her and swept,
among them stood I, numb; perplexed,
yearning to help in the structure so vexed
She kept urging for must help,
for punishment deserved that proudy whelp,
she kept whimpering among the crowd,
who’s mere looker-on ready with shroud
There seemed a look that shook so hard,
for she’s responsible for lowering her guard,
My manhood bore I and kept my stand,
and grabbed my conscience my own wedding band
Her scuffle was grave and she; alone,
for me to say, felt unclad as roan,
To hail with that brat won’t let me sleep,
So Guilty am I, she died and I weep
Kulbhushan Gupta