Inner Voice


These are priceless gifts of God
Keep them close to your heart
Disturb their tranquility and equanimity not
And let them depart away not
Hold on to them tightly lose them not.
Father one and mother two
Or father two and mother one
Give them best let them feel they are in hevaen.
First or second ,whatever order
Between you and them let there be no border.
Be full of benevolence
And never malevolence.
Brother three and sister four
Or sister three and brother four
To each other than others much more
Remain united and forever close.
Grandson five and grand daughter six
Or grand daughter five or grandson six
Unique duo union is fix
Exists no arena for playing tricks.
Friend seven and relative eight
Or relative seven and friend eight
Whatever numbers order
Relative or friends
All are precious gems
Care of all , by all is must
Never break their faith and trust.
Neighbours at number nine
Union is subtle fine
Always available for help in no time
At whatever numbers order
Ascending or descending order
These gems are precious gifts of god
Hold them always close to your heart
Let them whither not
Will never meet after they depart.
Love all hate none
Enjoy their company frolic and fun
Enjoy good fortune.
Nine gems are symbol of status and wealth
Provide pro bono well being and good health.
These gems are talismantic in nature
Slander them never.
Let them be your part and parcel forever
They all are our Gulistan forever
Let them zoom and flourish forever
Nurture and nourish them forever.
Col Parmjit
Sainik Colony


The questions of life are many, there is no solution.
It makes our mind congested, it causes the pollution.
The race of life is very fast.
Only the survivals in the end will last.
Our theories and conceptions come into fore.
Our will-power is inculcated from our strength-store.
Our strength, our ability to survive makes our life strong.
In the trials of life, it helps us to survive for long.
We have to be brave and we have to be bold.
In the various phases of our life, it will turn our Midas touch to Gold.
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu



Life is the aggregate of incidents
Some survive others finish
Life is journey along thorny route
Some feel pain others rejoice.
Life is standards of people living
Some remembered others faded.
Life is about ups and downs.
Some scream it up others scroll it down.
Life is voyage through tides and storms
Some enjoy it others have misery.
Life is about to heading towards death
Some disburse cheerfully others regretfully.
So be happy enjoy the every swings of life
If goes in favour it’s your supremacy otherwise deprivation
Jugesh Singh Thakur
University of Jammu