Inner Voice


Corruption- the people of narrow thought,
Anti-Corruption-the people of broad thought.
Corruption is a kind of disaster that results in shame,
The evil never care for helpless but their name.
Nepotism, Cronyism, Embezzlement, Extortion,
Corruption sells the conscience of a man to auction.
The virtue of honest sigh them a relief,
The vice of corrupt feel them of a thief.
Corruption-the wickedness an evil of one type,
Only the disheartened can express in gripe.
A student visit an office when,
Wait! said by the officer if then.
Waiting for hours in “No”.
Where an individual then can go.
Not getting a particular job,
Corruption takes the people to rob.
For the work to be done,
Bribe is the payment of bone.
Poor suffer, helpless disheartened and the intelligent struggle,
Corruption the cause of these – the evil like smuggle.
Will this corruption come to an end!
It can end when thought of the people will mend!
To end this evil at grass-root level,
By slapping the corrupt who are devil.
Rajat Kumar,
University of Jammu.

Under the Green wood Tree

Under the green wood tree, who loves to be with me
Come hither, come hither come hither,
Here shall he see no enemy, but a rough, tidy weather
He shall be bewitched and glad
Seeing the mountains with white clad.
Sparkling sunrays make a dance.
But all this happens by chance.
Which produces a scene of romance.
He shall be joyous and thrilled
Crystal clear water when flows
Giving fishes severe blow
The freezed water produces great shows
Moti Lal Bhan

My mother

She is growing old day by day
The mesmerizing beauty is turning grey
Watching her growing old makes me sad
Making her life beautiful that’s what i want to add
The love she gave me the whole life
In the end I always want her lap even of many strife
There is always in her heart of gold She feel hurt even whenever she scold
There is nothing greater than her love
In my life, for everything she is always above
Without her even in the crowd feel to be so alone
You be a child to her even how much you have grown
I just want to give her the happiness she deserve
Like she held my hand always on every curve
God created mother because he can’t be everywhere
It’s true and with anyone, her love can’t be compare
University of Jammu