inner voice

The river


Temples made of a leafy bower to
a reed hut to a stone chamber,
Made through many a spring and fall
You stand a witness to them all.
Before at its quiet serene ghats
You crash and leap with wild abandon,
Pulsating, you cut through many hard rocks
Forming canyons, gorges, rapids & falls.
Born of meltwater of a snowcap
or from many a small and clear rill
In a fit of anger and youthhood
You plunge from atop a hard rock hill
The fall & crash creates a ton of mist
Throwing up rainbows, a sight to behold
Which an eye for beauty cannot resist.
And again at he ghats
Away from the youthfulness of rapids and falls
Your waters calm, patches green
turquoise of he sky & emerald of the trees
Wavy reflections, all so serene.
Earlier the canyons, gorges, rapids & falls
Now it’s lakes, marshes, swamps & bogs.
You sipped at some immortal drink
But we are only
Atinder Pal



Wherever you may roam,
You have to agree, there is no place like home.
Wherever it may be,
A smelly damp or a fancy monument with a dome,
Wherever you may live, there is nothing like home.
At home I flee all my fears,
I very well see, I am with ones who care.
I care for all, you care for whom?
Whatever you may say, there is no place like home.
At home I hear voices of dears and near ones,
Saying words of lovely care, the smiling face of Mom,
How small or big it may be, there is no place like home.
You ask, what is missing in your home?
I reply Oh nothing, everyone is all glee, and so you see,
Everywhere lovely toys and photos in frame,
Even if it isn’t that great, there is nothing like home.
It is a Home, my Sweet Home.
Sanvi Rajput
G D Goenka Public School, Gurgaon.



Teachers are the role models in our lives
They are a motivational and inspirational wellspring
Who always taught us
How to make sense of world
And express different ideas in a peaceful way
Our teachers are the path of our success
They ignite our imagination and also
Share their life achievements,
Help us to fulfill our potential
And gently nudge us to do our best
I would love to thank all my teachers for
The unforgettable guidance and dedication
They gave me
And helped me to
Acquire knowledge, virtue and the other skills
I can feel the fragrance of the love and tenderness
Which they spread excessively
Each now and then
And their teaching is the
brightest ray which I would remember forever
Each goal of each poet and a philosopher
Begins with a teacher and I am glad
That god has given me
Commanding and satisfying teachers
The lack of whom can’t be fulfilled
Kartik Raina
Jagti, Jammu