Inner Voice




Although he’s not here , but his memories are still alive ,
In my heart he will always survive.
His cute smiling face inspires me a lot ,
A lot of happiness in my life he has brought.
He was outstanding in everything he did,
You were and are an inspiration to me since I was a kid .
A grandfather is a blessing for everyone,
You are really an angel sent from the kingdom of God .
Mannat Sabharwal
Pacca Danga, Jammu




When Aghasur had died
And all the friends rejoiced
Brahma in Brahma Lok had a confusion
How could the father of the three world eating with the cowherds
Brahma to himself thought to get it sort
So he thought of a vicious plan, took away the calves and the clan
Krishna looked at the sky and smiled
Krishna closed His eyes and created all the ones Brahma took to heaven
He became the calves and the friends until a year ends
Brahma returned after a year saw same in the air
Nothing had at all changed but Brahma enraged
He looked at the sky and got confused and shocked at what he viewed
The same calves and the friends after a year ends
Were in Brahma Lok and in Vrindavan too
How could they there be two he fell onto his knees
Begged for the mercy of the ‘Lotus feet’
Being realised of his folly
Krishna forgave him and was jolly
Krishna was reunited with his friends.
And here this beautiful legend ends.
Samakshi Abrol



Action taken by some people,
To change the laws by violent action.
This is the definition of revolution for some people,
But it is the step for a better nation.
Just wait and listen carefully people,
Idea about revolution itself needs a social revolution.
It’s about the passion of people,
And not merely any violent action.
The history is the greatest witness of all the time,
As we all know about the British Union.
Not a red life drop during this time,
Leaving us with an ideal revolution.
It’s not about laws all the time,
A sudden worthy change is revolution’s sign.
Many examples will be set in future time
As we are the one who will make the nation.
The cyclones are not only bad as understood by people,
But also they balance heat of all nation.
The floods are meant not to harm people
But to make soil fertile for nation.
The question may rise in mind of people
Why not nature works by gentle mean?
The nature remains gentle is the only answer to these people,
Until and unless we don’t come in the way of her cyclic revolution.
Shristi Muskan