inner voice

Corona- a self worn attire

World is leading with corona explosion
Though having knowledge, but lack of moral erosion.
Everyone is wandering at every unsure instance,
Infects by shaking hands, hugging and avoiding
Social distance.
The glimpse and depth of goodness is getting ill,
Oversmart thinkers prescribe it a blind mystery still.
Politics and media entertain community with new things,
Driving us with craziness they bridge bond dirty wings.
Parents, doctors and police suggest the mess to adopt the rules,
Driving the educated illiterate and for society they acts as fuel.
Positive patients needn’t worry, just simply relax,
Overthinking and fear are vain, do use yours brains at max.
Preventing this fatal infection requires care and wise actions,
Just endeavour safety measures, avoid mess and unfair reactions.
Jugesh Singh
University of Jammu


Autumn walk

An autumn walk
Shades of red
Burgundy and wine
Divine fall
Sweet flavor of
Cranberries and grapes
Plums and peaches
Apples and cherries
A cool breeze
Butterscotch cheeks
A touch of rose
Leaves crunch
Spiral and swirl
Auburn and beige
Cinnamon and rust
Branches sway
Petals fall of
Amber and scarlet
Ruby and sangria
Garnet and crimson
Fluttering and dancing
Vermilion and coral
Merlot and gold
Carmine and violet
Shujai Shaminotra



Are not the people we meet
Embodiments of God
Carrying joys, sorrows and lessons along?
Are not the people we meet
Messengers of the Supreme Being,
Shining stars or silver lining for all ?
Are not the people we meet
An inkling from the Nature
Proving its omnipresence and omniscience?
Leaving this mystery to the readers
Here, I enter the trance state
To write my heart out to the Supreme Being,
To spread my arms and let it hear:
“Of all the people you sent my way
Some stayed, some withered away’
Yet a part of them, I retained
For why won’t I cherish and keep them,
Sent for special purposes, were they not?
For that’s how you taught me to live:
Spring is no fun without a harsh winter
And thorns and flowers are equally important.
This is no hymn, no ode
But rather a lovely note
Expressing my gratitude to you.
I know you would accept what is being said
And understand what more could have been said.
Yet how can I be ignorant?
How can I be insolent, how dare I?
How can I be ungrateful
For all the blessings, you (God or Nature or Supreme Being) on me, have bestowed.
Aditi Choudhary
Miranda House, Du