Inner Voice

Fragile Dreams

Someone is sitting on the porch
Pondering like an ascetic
Gazing like an eccentric
Staring at the portrait
Seems out of the world
Desperate, dejected
And the colours
used for portrait painting are
vibrant, vivid
And intense
Unlike someone’s fortune
Unlike bright future
Sounds sadness.
Cherished memories
Happiest moments
Gone are the days
Seasons change
Reasons lost
Reasons to hold the things
Reasons to bring a smile
The sky shattered
The heart broken
The mind is wandering
over the ruins
The ruins of castles
The dream castles
More brittle
Fragile dreams.
Alka Sharma
Teacher Rehari Colony


You understand what is good and bad.
But then also we cannot be sad.
This understanding makes her very curious.
And we don’t have to remain furious.
Only times want to change fast.
As long as our range last.
Excellence is the key in whatever we do or make.
It is always like give and take.
We should understand the skill and increase our will.
The understanding always gives us total benefits.


That Is the soul of the writer,
Which takes you to another world.
The writer feels
And there your emotions get curled.
His fingers grasp the pen
And the Ink flows on the page,
His mind collects the thoughts
And it seems as if they are in his cage.
His emotions get on their way,
The way to their Imagination.
As he writes on the page
He wishes him congratulations.
A sudden surge of emotions
That comes Ina writer
Then he completes his writings
And blow off his lighted
That’s the way
To forget all the pain,
When you will start to pen down
Your emotions will fall like rain)
Gulshan Ground, Gandhi Nagar