Teachers are just like diamond,
who bring out the future gem,
They make students self reliant
And inculcate good values un them.
No one can get success,
Without getting a teacher,
Whether be at a human,
Animal or any other creature
Teachers make their students,
Stand on their own feet,
And make the students capable,
To clear any failure or defeat.
Teachers care for the students,
just like their own children,
their love, struggle and dedication,
Is more than worth million
Teacher inspires the student,
And fills the mind with imagination,
Without hearing a teacher,
There can exist no profession
And we apologize for,
Any impudence and disobey,
And wish you an extremely
Arnav Pandita

What’s important!!

‘Life is an adventure,
Some are short and others long,
And sometimes the body is weak,
Even when the spirit is strong
What if there were tradeoffs,
Or things that you could change,
Choices that were different,
Or things to rearrange.
These are questions for the living,
For people plauged with doubt,
Never really knowing,
What life is all about.
In truth we all have challenge,
But as long as we have love,
Time is unimportant,
On Earth or with God above!!
Ayushi Gupta
Channi Himmat,

Where is God?

When I bow to an idol without a soul,
I ask him silently, what’s my role?
I offer him flowers and fruit
Kneeling at his feet.
As I talk to him for hours,
All I ask is, what my sacred task?
‘Is it good to treat or to cheat?’ ‘Is it good to lie or deceit?’ ‘When will the Corona end? ‘Will you pardon me if I sin?
‘When will I and my Sis go to School?’
‘And what’s the purpose of child’s life?’
If they can’t live the way they like!
But he answers none of my doubt,
But one thing I wonder about,
Are you divine, are you in my mind?
Then I ask, are you my soul?
Are you really a God?
Are you a girl, or a boy?
Are you a woman or a man?
What are you if you don’t respond?
Alas, he is just a divine soul, not a teacher,
He lives within mind and soul, not in a preacher
Sanvi Rajput
Class 7th
Bahu Apartments,
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu