A caged bird knows the value of freedom
No matter how good being fed
A prisoner can’t have a sound sleep
Even being given a golden bed
Ask the price of freedom to a animal
Who is going to be slaughtered
What a desperation is seen in its eyes?
All it needs is loosening of its noose
How can we forget the role of our heroes?
What price they paid to get us free?
By staking their precious lives
They enabled us to live carefree
We should cherish this freedom
We should not forget their role
What cost they have paid
To accomplish their freedom goal
This freedom is to be valued the most
And it need to be maintained at any cost
By imbibing our rich culture and values
It is to be ensured that this inheritance may not get test
Anu Gupta


Dear! you departed in the
twinkling of an eye,
Of such departure none had thought;
You did not wait even to say good-bye,
To those for whom you mattered a lot.
I remember when I met you last,
I was really shocked to see;
As you had been in the past,
The same you could not be.
The impairment of your sight and hearing,
Snatched from us the joy of sharing;
There was no communicative bearing,
And to me that was quite depairing.
When on your qualities I reflect,
It pleases my saddened mind;
You were embodiment of virtues perfect,
Your parallel is difficult to find.
You were both loving and lovable,
Friends valued your soft nature;
No doubt we all friends were affable,
But few could rise to your stature.
Yours was a handsome face full of grace,
A compassionate heart with no ill will;
Smiling lips, of harshness no trace,
In my memory the image is fresh still.
If prayers really have an effect,
I pray with all my heart;
May I feel your presence intact!
Though now we are light years apart.
Sharnagat says “Let us now console our minds,
With the wisdom the Geeta reveals;
Soul is immortal and surely finds,
A Happy New Life that old memory seals.”
O P Rao

O Motherland

We forget everything as time passes by,
We regret on our forgetfulness.
We easily forget our soil, our Motherland,
That motherland gave us new world, new life
Where we played, grow and strived the new journey,
But why we forget our beloved motherland to give love.
O mother, you bear everything for us,
Your motherly love give us energy and courage.
This Motherland gives us doctors, engineers, teachers and more,
Dear Motherland, but you demand nothing from the core.
Nevertheless, you treat every child equally,
No differentiation on caste, religion and country.
We humans are selfish,we hurt you by odd activities and forget,
O Mother, but you still love us more
and more, so thank you

Sonu Kumar