inner voice


No work, no office, no boss.
No staff, no car, no chauffeur,
No visitors, no buzzing landlines,
Seven days of the week are just the same.
Smartphone and WhatsApp
Are the only elements
In the eerie chain of
Continuity and change.
Only shared pain,
A common cause,
Social distance.
And the challenge of staying together
Every day, every hour, every minute!

Pramod Jain
Retired Senior IAS Officer

Early Morning

It is the time at 5 o’clock,
The people go on long long walk.
How cool and pleasing is morning air!
As if someone is singing on lyre.
Chirping and twittering of birds is enthralling one,
Who can compete them else but none.
The rustling of leaves on tall tall trees,
On rippling water swim swans and geese.
The fragrance of flowers all around,
The oriole giving a fascinating sound.
Far flung meadows and the green grass,
Moments of nature we gaily pass.
Fields, clouds and the rainfall,
Nature is calling us each and all.
Each daffodil, marigold rose seem to me,
Waving their heads wonderful to see.
The murmuring of water in streams and seas,
The blossoms look charming on shady trees.
Nature’s call is at peak O! koul,
To enjoy nature is only your goal.
Ashok Koul Ratnipuri


I always dream of you in my dreams
Playing with you and maming up teams
Yours is divine and mesmerizing beauty
To stare at you constantly that’s my duty
Yours the most beautiful eyes
No one can ever see others’ in seven skies
Your beauty can never be constant
Which keeps us from others distant
Flute looks stunning in lotus hand
Oh! I just love the way you stand
Your one smile makes my day
In this lost world it shows me the way
The mischief in your beautiful eyes
Make lose brains of wise and vice
The colour of your lips is of bimba fruit
You eradicate Adharma from the root
I remember you with rheumy eyes
Like walking amidst barren ice
You are so cute and charming
And that’s why you are known as
‘Vrindavan’s Darling’

Samakshi Abrol