inner voice



A sage said when you like a flower,
You pluck the flower;
When you pluck the flower,
Dies the flower.
When you love a flower,
Daily water the flower;
Blooms the flower,
Everyone draws pleasure from the flower.
Yet one day I plucked a flower,
Unique and beautiful was the flower;
I rejoiced in the beauty of the flower,
When I saw I liked the flower;
Adored my vase the beautiful flower,
All who saw were lost in the beauty of the flower;
For a day brightened my house the flower,
I had not seen , such was the beauty of the flower.
Next day I went by the plant of the flower,
The plant was there but without another flower;
It was saddened , perhaps missing the flower,
At home, missing plant, dried the flower;
Next day again I passed the plant was with no flower,
From home I brought and dropped near the plant the dead flower
Next day I saw the plant too died without its flower,
By plucking, I had killed the plant and the flower.
Cried my heart, next whenever I passed plant of the flower,
My one mistake had killed both plant and the flower;
Every time I passed plant, I cursed myself for I had plucked the flower,
However, I tried I could not bring back to life the flower;
All my wealth was useless to give life to plant of the flower;
Pledged and prayed shall never pluck a flower,
Begged forgiveness and promised to water the plane and love the flower.
Kulbhushan Gupta


Life’s Loop

Sturdy little face
It is a long race
No one is here to live in fear
Before you go for anything
you have to be clear
Render yourself for the worst
Then turn every mediocre into the dust
You know for what you are here
Then get up and just dare
Keep your goals straight
Start it now because it’s never too late
But I ask you to be patient
It might take a day and night
Love yourself though
Then put your all winnings in one row
See the hails from sky they ask
for your name
Is it not a real fame
Dear,no one wins or loose
It’s life’s open noose
The quarter of dusted minutes we have
Let’s everything what we have give.
Japneet Kour




Save the earth, save the earth,
Otherwise our life is at threat.
Each one, plant one tree,
Make the atmosphere pollution free.
Don’t waste water, don’t use plastic,
For our environment, it is drastic.
Deforestation reduces the quantity of rains,
Either on hills ,or on plains.
Glaciours are melting due to global warming,
Now the situation is very much alarming.
Population exploding around the globe,
Find its solution to make a probe.
Overcrowded cities, overcrowded towns,
All our resources go to downs.
We need clean water, we need clean air,
It is important to clean everywhere.
Make clean earth, make green earth,
Save the earth, save the earth.
Satish Chandel
Sr. Lecturer