Inner Voice


Days no one imagine will come,
Bring great havoc in the so called nature lover….”The Genius Sapiens.”
The virus of cold as well as warm dwelling wear on the running weeks,
With locking of every outdoor movement..
Surrounded by the darkness of danger,
The invisible bioalarm unlock the healing power of the
‘unrealized man’ as well as ‘realized nature.’
Man as a busy marketer of treasure stored in the vast bank of nature
Can’t able to groom his realization power..
Due to social bars posed by the metropolitan pace of grabbing
even unripened build of wealth.
Finally our ‘wounded surgeons’ firmly handle the stop watch
and countdown begins…
With result in front of us…
Our real master….’Earth’…busy in creating the dangerous guard…
To watch the ‘Brilliant Prisoners’
While nature dancing freely in the blossoming breeze of the ‘obliged spring’.
Bhavana Sharma
Anand Vihar Udhampur


My courage is my best friend
who is always with me
It walks with me and talks with me
It inspires me to be brave tackle all
the situations and bring the change
It encourages me to be calm,
relaxed and strong.
It teaches me to be brave
always tell the truth
and not to be afraid.
It gives me value of respecting every
being, loving my family and their deeds
Everybody’s having their own best friend
Just they have to peep inside themselves
and recognize him.
Swasti Gupta
VII, Jodhamal
Public School


Hello ladies and gentlemen
It’s not an official address or a
spiritual discourse
Just an upfront humble request off course
Exhibit no exuberance
Exercise patience and perseverance
Government did marvelous action
Well planned efforts and no reaction
Action is an immediate course and
reaction is an aftermath
Each one educate one
Learn to live with corona here on
Whatever happened in the past
Just lump it sure shot
Make no windfall profits now at last
Each supplier big or small
“Wholesaler or retailer whatever kind
Must ensure corona free products supply
You can please you must try
Only available vaccine to
keep us all corona free
covid-19 is deadly infectious virus for sure
Prevention is the only workable cure
Save India save world mankind
Greedy habits once for all rescind
A great service to world humanity
What you give will return as a gift
Wait and watch
We all must cooperate and
support to fight corona
Panic not fear not defeat corona
That’s all
Together we will
Wait and watch
Col Parmjit (Retd)
Sainik colony