Inner Voice


Reading a book keeps me calm,
Reading a book takes me along
Reading a book innovates my mind,
Reading a book opens the window
of my mind
Reading a book makes my mind refresh,
Reading a book releases all my stress
Reading a book takes me to another
world of imagination
Reading a book is my habbit,
Which gives me mind refreshing thoughts
Reading a book provides me
mental support and strength
Reading a book plays with my mood
Thus, reading a book teaches me
something new everyday,
It is like a guidance which could be carried everywhere.
Swasti Gupta
VII, Jodhamal Public School


Whose careless attitude carried cruelty
And gifted humanity the
deadly destruction?
Whose conscience forgot its due duty
Just to lead the market competition ?
Spread the invisible foe east and west
Killing thousands far and wide
in every nation
Still claim their way only the best.
Not cure but still market is passion.
The vicious Virus transmitted
from a vast highland
Whose rulers still too hard and proud
To admit the fault or join the nations band
And fight the microbe so
strong and loud
Save humanity is duty of every nation
Combined effort only left to
end the isolation.
Satish Bhat

Why this corona politics?

Corona politics is now more dangerous than this disease
Why the politics of our country
is not at ease?
Is it a really a matter of religion?
Our country is being praised everywhere
It’s time to stay neutral and be fair
Corona is not spreading because of a Muslim or a Hindu
It’s just the matter of our
extreme negligence
Let us unite together and
create a strong fence
Just think about yourself
and your mother earth
We are given this chance
after our new birth
Religion is a way of leading life
It’s strictly not for any filthy fights
Mother earth is healing and so are you
Give a chance to yourself and be away from this rue
Just focus on the cure and
not the religion
Vaishali Sharma
Akhnoor, Khour


I Had A Dream,
We were baking together, it seems.
The house was a classic, same as the one’s that you’ve always liked.
With a blink,
We bunked and got ourselves a cup of tea.
With each sip, plans were lit up like a Christmas Tree
Memories flashed and the girls with weird hair believed they were not anyone’s cup of tea.
“Friendship’s doesn’t last long”
was Greek to us.
The conversations went on Thus and Thus.
From Sobbing to Crying to making
that one laugh.
We never failed to be each other’s better half.
Once we’re done, I hope I get their last laugh.
All I wish is together we rule and breakthrough.
Dream is a Dream.
Unless you wish to live
with your best friends.
That makes the two of us, Indeed.
To *Veers*
Muskan Arora