Covid -19, the virus of Corona,
Originating from Wuhan in China,
Has created an unusual scare,
Crossing borders, on the earth’s sphere.
From America to Zambia,
Everyone, whether, rich or poor;
Of any nationality and religiosity,
Is hit by the fear on their persona.
Till now in months, nearly, four,
Over eleven thousand lives are lost;
Unfortunately, on more shadow is cast.
Life, virtually, has come to a standstill,
Including in India, from a town to a hill.
Not panic; to fight the pandemic,
Need to wash the hands frequently,
Remain in isolation from public,
Inside one’s homes, preferably.
Follow ‘Janta Curfew’, help save a few.
Revisit, deep rooted Indian Sanskaar:
Greet people with a Namaskaar!
Corona, has united the world in fear;
A signal for humankind to be fair ?
Ramesh Manvati


I wear a mask
Just like you all do
No one is real.
With a personality others make,
I keep on living in this world that’s fake.
We all just show the world
How our life is just perfect!
Deep inside we all are broken
But this emotion is not shown
It has just drowned
In the ocean of our ego, greed and showoff…
Infinite life seems so still
I’m lost in this fake ocean so big
It’s hard to trust,
Hard to find someone so strong,
Who can handle my emotions
That will definitely
Never fade away…
Ananya Mahajan


Corona Corona Corona
Worldwide Corona
Haath Paer Munh Zarur Dhona
Corona spreads through touch very fast
Worry not and panic not
Self Quarantine Fauri illaz
Forget not
Help yourself and others too
Don’t shake hands or touch
Maintain three feet distance which is must
Avoid going to towns or bazaars
Collective and responsible
efforts will help all
In case of Corona symptoms
Fikkar not
Report to concerned Dr Fast
Soon you will be Ok. Fikkar not
Hope sustains life
And believe in God
Col Parmjit (Retd.)
Sainik Colony

Fear not my love

Fear not my love, distance will
never fade my senses.
Woes will surely fail, to win over
my soul,
And velvet will never
Raise my beat, or doth thy toes.
Fear not my love, progress will
never betray our dreams,
Shackles surely fail to hold my
And clock will never give the feel,
as doth thy arms.
Fear not my love, your hope will
remain ever…
Roses will surely win over the woos..
And your love always heal the
gulf that the world will create…
Jinnu Arya