inner voice

Ode to Rose

O’ Fair,rose!Thou lover’s messenger
Should I call you the mind changer?
Thou conveyst more than the words can do
You are wonderful,I salute you!
Growst in myriad colours and hues
Pink,red and white having different cues
What is in thou thatdamsels like you the best
Receive you lovingly and press you to their chest
I wish I could take your place
Touch my beloved and her lovely face
And experience her close proximity
Feel her aura and divine beauty.
But tell me how you remain so gay
Though you bloom and wither he same day
Tell me the secret of thy happiness, O friend
That I too may start the new trend.
Of making everybody happier by my presence
And get their wishes even in my absence.
Thou Queen of fragrance!give some of it to me
That my soul feels it and becomes glee.
But one thing makes me very sad
And I feel really pained and bad
Why shouldst you wither, after all?
You please everybody,short and tall.
Should I pray to God to never let you fall?
And your life period may not be small
That you always please the soul and the eyes
And enable the lovers to woo the lady of their choice.
Ashok Sharma,
Housing Colony, Udhampur


When I die


One day when I die
All the misery may shy,
Hate anger and jealous will fry
One day when I die.
My loved ones will remember what I try
Once for all the tight hug and high-five.
Searched my whole life to collect something,
Left this world but it’s nothing.
Why I wondered I don’t know,
This is something you should know.
From a penny to note it was like a war
Life finished like the smoke of cigar.
Lavish life don’t give experiences all it is
Hole in pocket shows what life exactly is.
Why I thought everything is mine,
When it is just zero to nine.
Only my memoir is with me today
When Everything just faded away.
Don’t know what I left behind
all it was,
Tried to find the root cause.
Why people don’t live happy
I don’t know,
There is nothing you should know.
Sand and soil is at last,
Friends do one thing just bury the past.
Don’t know any thing now I’m a history,
At the end everyone knows life is a mystery.
Sunil Pandit (Pamposh)
Swarn Vihar Bantalab



I saw a man with a newly purchased dog,
Going for an early morning walk.
The dog was happy with the family new,
Unaware that such a life would not forever continue,
The owner and the dog spent years together,
But,it seemed as if time flew like a feather .
Soon,the dog grew ill,
But the tests showed that the trouble was nil.
Soon,the man discovered that the dog was allergic to protein,
To find a solution ,the man was very keen.
The doctor told that the dog required a lot of attention,
But, after few months, the owner was filled with tension.
“Exchange the dog for money”,told the man’s relative,
And to fulfill this task ,the man was very active.
Soon, the dog went to a new home,
It was again all alone.
That day,the owner slept having sweet dreams,
But,the dog’s life was a mirror without gleam.
One day,the dog passed away in vain,
But, the owner was happy as he had made a huge gain.
The pet you consider an animal ,
Sees its world in you.
So, don’t be so greedy ,
To bid them an adieu.
Eva Sharma
PCSSS, Gandhi Nagar