inner voice

Don’t Judge Me


Finally exams are here,
& have taken me to the land of fear.
There’s no feeling of euphoria,
Instead I’m knitted in the exam phobia.
There’s so much of stress & tension,
‘Score good marks ‘ is what everyone
I.Q. is judged by the exam score,
No one asks for the E.Q. to be more.
I’m a learner, let me spread my wings,
Life is full of slides and swings.
I don’t know what I would be in the future,
But for sure I would be an achiever .
Don’t judge me on my marks,
these are just numbers,
50%, 70%, 90%, O Gosh! Who remembers.
Wish me good luck for passing
the exams of life,
My aptitude, confidence & humanity is ultimately what would survive.
Anubhuti Sharma
Jodhamal Public School




There is no one other,
Like my beautiful mother.
She nurtures me, she helps me,
Best are the gifts that she gives me.
She works hard day and night,
She teaches me, to be polite.
She loves me a lot,
For me, she is my God.
She cures me like a doctor,
She protects me like a soldier.
My mother is my princess,
Her smile is very precious.
Mom, I promise I will care for you,
I will always be ready to obey you.
May God always bless my mother,
As like her, there is no one other.
There’s a secret that I share with you,
Oh my Mom! I too much love you.
Gurshaan Singh Raina
Class: 4th ‘A’
J&K Police Public School,
Miran Sahib




The best things during love are;
It visualise you, the worst one
as beautiful panoramic scenery.
Swings you with wings of trust, kinship
and wonders.
The sun, moon, people around even
ugliest of ugly looks wonderful.
Where immense crowd of billions
make this world,
but just one out of them stay world for you.
Happiness and sadness became tarnished
memories like dead sea.
Dreaming is fundamental and togetherness is the wish, making lips hopefull for it’s fulfillment.
One sees the world through other’s eyes
takes breath through lover’s sighs.
Love isn’t only upto certain extent, it’s
everlasting, fruitful.
A prayer, a medicine relieving soul.
Jugesh Singh Thakur
University of Jammu




That waking with annoyance for school,
That strict attitude of parents as cruel;
That unwillingness of studying,
That daydreaming with wondering;
That regrets for something done wrong,
That addiction for any particular song;
That teenage madness for crush,
That firsts with them in natural blush;
The people we are with today,
The hardest we go through the way;
The relations with we are bounded,
The problems with we are surrounded;
The happiness we enjoy today,
The worries that make us annoy;
The world where exists everything in hurry,
The place where every single
thing is temporary;
Jasleen Kour
Gadigarh Jammu