inner voice



If life is a struggle,
then fight it.
If life is a journey,
then complete it.
If life is an exam,
then take it.
If life is a race,
then run it.
If life is a hope,
then fulfill it.
If life is a challenge,
then accept it.
If life is an opportunity,
then use it.
If life is a transitory gift,
then keep hold of it on your own.
If life is a limited offer,
then why should not we enjoy it?
Rakesh Sharma



Blue coloured skin with perfect curls…
Eyeballs shining like beautiful pearls…
Innocent face with a bountiful smile…
He is Krishna, the most wonderful child…
Wears a peacock feather as his crown….
His face shows no sign of worry or frown..
Wears a garland of Vaijanti flowers….
I’m astounded by the mercy he showers…
Cows are grazing and he is playing the flute..
The scene is no mesmerizing and he looks so cute…
Why fall in love, when you can grow in love with the Supreme…
Want to profess it deeply and want it to be extreme…
Peacocks dancing to the tune of flute….
Passers-by standstill and mute…
No one has eyes to see His Divine Beauty…
Only the pure souls see this cutie…
Samakshi Abrol
CA Aspirant



Time has come now ,
For an ending, wow.
Your friendship will be no more,
Your absence will make things bore .
Gossips with friends ,
Learning new trends .
Talks with us , you did ,
Forever, you are alive in our mind .
It’s time to say you goodbye,
Hope you neither weep nor cry .
Hope would fill Our frienship’s gap,
In the presence of the wonder whatsapp.
In your presence no one notices how we spent this year,
Wish you prosperous
happy journey ahead my dear.

-Sahaj Sabharwal