inner voice


I looked at her
Her lovely smile and that beautiful face
She looked like a goddess
Or probably someone from space.
I lost my conscience,
To a moment of stillness
I loved her a lot-
I had to confess.
But destiny had,
something else for us.
I tried to make her mine, and tried to change the time…
I knew not what I did,
and committed an err thus.
I was losing her to someone,
her memories made me cry;
For that day I had learnt-
My moon had descended
from the sky…




Happiness is a state of mind
Happiness is spending time, together
Happiness is laugh, eat, travel
Happiness is waking with no pain
Happiness is family to me
Happiness is to see
home not house
Happiness is Mother (in short )
Perfect Happiness is enthusiasm
minus expectations
”You cant buy your happiness,
Because happiness is free”
Roshni Arora


Flower turned dry
Truth’s covered with lie
Love took its last breath once again
Again a wide smile cried !
Dreams were taken away
Identity is blurred the way
scars craved on her face with acids
like it was some play of clay !
She is now drowning in the ocean of tears
Her breath is grasped within
the screams of fear
She is thinking that he took her crown,
She don’t go anywhere now coz
she has arrested herself in her home.
Come out and express yourself out here
Fulfill your dreams that once resides in your heart
It’s your world, come and walk
like a princess
Remove all the covers and drop
all your troubles
coz the only reality in the way is
That It’s not your face, it’s ours!
Pertikshan Pandhotra



“Fall in love with someone who wants you,
who waits for you. Who understands you
even in the madness
Someone who helps you, and guides you,
Someone who is your support, your hope.
Fall in love with someone who
talks with you after a fight.
Fall in love with someone who
misses you and wants to be with you.
D0 not fall in love only with a
body or with a face;
0r with the idea of being in love”
Dherminder Singh, Poonch