Inner Voice

Real Beauty

Physical beauty is a four day wonder
Just like summer rain with heavy thunder
It is like a glass pane
That once broken, we can’t gain
Or like a drop of silvery dew
That gives us the cue
That life and beauty are short and vain
Like a rainbow after the rain
It is like a flower that must decay
Though it may bloom the whole day
Or on the hills mist fine
That vanishes as the sun doth shine
Real Beauty is something unique
It may not demand good physique
It can be felt but not seen
Only the good appreciate it,not the mean
It consists in helping the poor and the needy
Working selflessly and not be greedy
Treating everyone with love and care
Whether they are dark skinned or fair
Real beauty transcends male and female
It incarnates Mother Teresa and Floresence Nightingale
‘Beautiful is one who beautiful does’, they say
True beauty always makes a person
happy and gay
God appreciates the beauty of those
The path of service and love who chose
And who servethe mankind with zeal
And greater pleasure in it they feel
Such persons have the beauty divine
May their glory ever grow and shine!
While physical beauty vanishes
with passage of time
With time the real beauty
becomes more sublime
Ashok Sharma
Housing Colony, Udhampur


What is happiness??
A feeling you try to seek in yourself or
when you just let your jawline flex.
Is it what you find in the eyes of your lover,
when his kindness and
affection showers.
Is it in the calm after the turbulence or
Is it in the large waves that are violent.
Is it the vulnerability of your soul,
Or is it in the secrets kept under roll.
Whatever it is,it seems like a mirage ,
In a desert with just sand at large .
Once u try to hold onto it,
It flicks away in a fix.
But comes back ,and again
goes off in a clock’s tick.
Understanding this feeling
is a tedious task
But i just hope and wish it
comes to all at a scale very vast!!
Pallavi Gupta
Gandhi Nagar


This world is keen on annihilating the evil,
But they are unaware of the girl’s travail.
This world wants everyone to be equal,
But they don’t want a girl to swirl.
This world keeps on highlighting
the girl’s negatives,
But they pay no heed to her possessives.
This world just wants everything to be perfect,
But they don’t want anything
meant to be direct.
This world just focus on her flaws,
But they never appreciate her pretty scars.
This world always tells a girl to maintain her dignity,
But they never stop a guy whose lust is at infinity.
I think this world is just meant
to form ethics,
But they are unaware of the basics….