Inner Voice

The Wheel of Time

The time full of dreams and joy,
Playing all the time with butterflies and toy….
Having an urge to grow up,
It was really a heaven, the childhood….
Without any worries just humming the jumbling rhyme,
It was the shortest but golden period of life and
Has gone with the moving wheel of time…..
Afterwards, got entry in the school,
Having load on the shoulders but the life was slightly cool….
Going to the school and completing different tasks,
It was also amazing because there were no diplomatic masks…..
Breaks at the afternoon and long holidays during the month of June….
Seriously such time now can’t be own,
Because with the moving wheel of time, it has also gone…..
After completing the school life, got entry into the college life,
It was awesome, wonderful and unforgettable,
Along with fun, there was a particular time table…..
Both ups and downs in life came and gone in a flow,
Hard and tough times got their entry too….
Some faithful friends came in life and some gone,
But they never allowed anytime to feel alone….
Sometimes the life was sweet sometimes like lime,
Oh! It has also passed along with the running wheel of time….
So,what a person can do ?
Accepting the laws of nature, one has definitely to go through…..
These are just the journeys from human being to being humane,
Bcoz existence of humans doesn’t matter but presence of humanity is the main…..
And all good and bad experiences are nature’s way to examine,
Likewise, every stage of life will come and go along with the unstoppable wheel of time……


Eyes and tears

Eyes and tears are friends so dear,
Eyes and tears are salty and sweet.
They speak when two hearts do meet,
They see every trend of life,
Like the true friends in life.
No one can understand their nature
because they are different

Anvi Jain
7th DPS,


A thought just flashed into my mind,
Who r u and what’s ur kind?
Male or female, Black or white,
These are few discriminating question, am I right?
Who made these differentiations?
Who seperated people into associations?
Whom we need to blame for this?
This is 21st century and this kind
of mess is its bliss!
We think we are so forward,
But don’t know the minor dfference b/w foolish and coward.
Don’t know whom we trust,
Fakeness is everyone’s lust.
They think they are over smart,
But don’t know the usage of a smart card.
They think they are modernised,
Haha lol! But they are just westernised.
You need to change your thinking
to change the world,
Don’t act like dumb but be bold.

XI, B.B.S.V.Peeth,