inner voice

Happy Karwachauth

Observing fast since dawn
Keeping him in prayers
the whole day,
Will wait for the dear Moon
From many miles away.
A tradition to test
The bond of life-
The unbreakable relationship
Of husband and wife.
Dr Vikas Jamwal
(Kamdhenu Homz)



With a hang dog expression
And reflection and repression
Chameleon I remembered suddenly
How it changes its colour amazingly
and gracefully
Ahh! Humans when I harked back
With thousands of face
into one intact;
Double standards and janus faced
It left me amazed
Mealymouthed lures you
React and respond you
don’t know how?
Talking sweetly with a winsome smile
Showing care and concern for thy
Revealing their true visage
Exactly like a savage
Insulting thy, disdainful and
Behind your back, making
you regretful
So inhuman they are
Hitting even when you are
Wounded, suffering already
and passing
Through ardous times;
feeling like regressing
Sham, bogus, fake and faux pas
Ingenuine, spurious and boss
Then the chameleon vanished at last
Proving that world is cruel, inhuman
and too vast.
Epitome of scepticism,
dubiety and doubt
Turned about, no need for a bout
I got a lesson again
Think logical.. ….bear this in mind
In judging and knowing
the intentions
Since there may be repentance
Mocking at your pain and suffering
We, insulated, have none
for buffering.
This lesson in mind is to be kept
While taking a next step !!!!!
Aditi Choudhary
Miranda House,

where did that smile go?

Where did that smile go?
I don’t know!
Was it all my fault?
I think so!
Does it bother me?
Yes it does!
If a thousand apologies
bring it back?
I’m ready if the Sorry does!
All the while I’ve been searching
for the answer
But that cruel one shrouded
in secrecy evades me
Will I ever be able to see
that smile again?
I think so!
While I Continue to think
Where did that smile go?
Abhishek Khajuria