inner voice

An Ode To Vikram Sarabhai


He was a man of great vision and goal
In the field of India’s Space Programe, he played a vital role.
Born on August 12, 1919 in Ahmedabad
For higher studies he flew to England.
He was an eminent physicist
Recognised globally as a great scientist.
Honoured as the ‘Father of India’s Space Research’
For him space was a never ending search.
He was the man behind the satellite Aryabhatta
He studied space by gathering a lot of information and data.
IIIM Ahmedabad was his dream project
Laziness, arrogance and selfishness were the vices that he reject.
Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan added feathers to his cap
India began to be recognized on the scientific map.
For him even sky was not the limit
His studies and discoveries have a wide ambit.
He is the pride of this nation and an ideal human being
No one ever dared to challenge his knowledge and working.
His contribution is commendable in the field of sky
He is the one and only Sir Vikram Sarabhai.


My Cherished dream


Somewhere in my mind
I always planned to be Duite
(Student of Delhi University)
Being a village girl I stepped
into a new place
where everyone just like me
comes with thousands of grail
I felt bit isolated during some days
as there were new people
with varied culture and ethnicity
I feared of being judged by
my dressing style
Shifting of culture didn’t hit me hard
but it still raises one question
in my pons
“Will I be able to adjust in a place which I choose for myself few years back”?
Nivedita Sharma
Miranda House, DU


Trials of Life


Journey of a lifetime begins with a buzz
Surprisingly I shout out with a fuss
Deep in my conscious I heard the voice
Reaching mind through my heart
My Child! You are the only one soul
Whom I believe will pass the test
Trials of life is the theme
Before you count the questions
Have the faith to resolve all of them
As the first question comes
Be prepared to face it patiently
Don’t lose hope, keep on believing
Each question will end up correctly
As time is the best examiner to judge
When you move on to the next one
You will not be the same as before
Change arises when fear ends
Strength empowers in positive thoughts
Hope will take the shape of reality
Beautiful is the picture of life
More than you have ever wished for
Niha Raina