Inner Voice

Late Sushma Swaraj: An Epitome of Feminine Oratory

At the floor of Parliament, Sushma thundered, akin to Zeus on Olympus !
Both, as Opposition stalwart in the Manmohan regime, and later as Minister
for Foreign Affairs, she spoke with conviction and purpose.
Brevity, clarity and lucidity rang in her voice
Words emanated from her lips like Halcyonic bubbles !
She brooked no nonsense
No words of adulation, double-speak, flattery, hypocrisy, ever strode across the
impregnable terrain of her flawless mind.
Afflicted with diabetic complications and renal failure,
she bounced back buoyed by a kidney transplant.
Phoenix like, Sushma rose from the ruins of ill- health,
garnering goodwill for the country in alien Lands.
As, Minister for External Affairs in PM Modi’s First Term,
Sushma applied the Resurrective Balm of re-union, salvaging despondent families
from the quagmire of agony and helplessness: re-uniting kith and kin
trapped in trouble-torn turbulent nation’s.
Sushma’s addresses in the Lok Sabha, became
Philomela’s Melodies for the Ruling Party!
The Opposition, silenced by her flawless oratory, listened calmly.
Like her mentor PM Modi, Sushma’s oratory earned admiration and
applause, whenever and wherever she spoke.
As an emblem of grace, humility and honesty,
Sushma opted out of the General Elections this year.
Maybe she heard the clarion-call of her Creator, summoning her to His Kingdom.
A shell- shocked nation hearing about her sudden demise, hardly believed it !
God, took her back in a jiffy, requiring her services urgently, the Divine Summons coming through a Cardiac Arrest ! Sushma, thy countrymen shall cherish thy memory as an invigorating fragrance, symbolized in the PM’s words: ” Behen Sushma chali gayi “.

—Prof K B Razdan


Do or die
Don’t stay lie
If you have courage
You can fly
Fly without wings
But first try
I can’t do
Please don’t cry
Strengthen your courage
And again try
One day comes
You touch the sky
Sky of your aim
But for that
You have to walk
Don’t stay lie…

Sonika Verma
Lower Shiv Nagar, Jammu


Love is like the wind;
Sudden it blows in the lovely heart;
Love is like the stars;
It smiles and blesses with its light.
Love is like magic;
It hypnotises hearts.
Love is like the eternal God;
It comes, unasked
God the beautiful,
God the Radiant one,
God is love
Loving itself.
And love takes up
Its flute and plays,
And in beauty builds
The wonders of the world.

Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar, Sarwal,