Solitary , engrossed in Austen’s book
In that new place, avoiding weird looks
Coming from opposite side with a helper
Fascinated, I stole a glance at her
Offering her that mere chair I was sitting upon
She refused, I compelled….that was the beginning of a new bond
Her eyes were without vision
Yet filled with hope and reason
Conversation with me she initiated ,
Which I heartily appreciated .
With hearing software when she saved my number
Flabbergasted as if I woke up from a deep slumber !
Propagator of indigenous culture
Admirer of ancient history and political theories
Lover of Hindi….proud of Indian thinkers’ glories !
Belonging to the state of palaces and kings
In childhood where she played on swings,
Her simplicity and decent clothing
Impressive demeanour with a voice thats soothing
With no sympathy,pity and repentance
Very friendly; greeting all cordially
And respectfully…uttering every word lovingly
Loves listening to songs…its subtle nuances
Loves studying and addressing her grievances……..
From attending class together ; exploring college’s every corner ;
Holding her hand,(for she is always glad, never sad)
To becoming her first good friend here
As earlier, chances (of finding a friend) were rare
“With you everything seems possible now!” Dumbstruck..
so important I became but how ???
Reflecting, introspecting…my arteries and veins rejoiced and sufficed
As I, once again my life’s purpose,fulfilled and realised !
Her presence and her innocence
Fills me with vigour and enthusiasm,
In this alien place( where my arrival was pre determined,)
Keeps me motivated,I feel grounded,humbled ,committed
To my goals and dreams.. one of them
Being: serving millions like her…whom I wish to spur !!!!

Aditi Choudhary
Miranda House, DU


My eyes met my brain,
my head went in pain,
my eyebrows lashed downward,
feeling heavy and awkward,
it was not a dream,
but I was about to scream,
it was not a drama,
it was my brain in dilemma…
In front of me were many roads,
but I couldn’t decide which one to choose,
and the clock went from six to nine,
and in front of me was the deadline,
shattered were now all my hopes,
as I had entered a never ending loop
At last I went into my room,
hoping to recover soon,
I decided to go into the root,
so I let my system boot,
I made a deep introspection,
and finally it took me to satisfaction,
the choices had made me blind,
unnecessarily binding my little mind
At last I made it quite easy,
as I washed everything out in a jiffy,
now my mind was as calm as a sea,
and I realized, the answers
were within me.

Aryan Kinue