inner voice



Friends are like a bubble,
When tough times come they
bring us out of trouble.
They give us reasons, the desire
to live all seasons.
They are our purpose of
happiness and motivation.
Friends bring care and
compassion to succeed,
That without their self-greed.
Friends are the big reasons of our smile.
The distance of the smile is more
than a mile.
They know about the song of our heart because they are also part of that heart.
God bless all the friends, who bring our joys to no ends.
Sahildeep Singh Raina



Hold my hands
Leading me to the greenlands
Whisper my name in the air
Like offering him a small prayer
Look into my eyes just for a while
Till the pain there gets converted
into a smile
Count my heartbeats silently
N see how inner me is
fighting violently
Deep down under my soul
There’s something smelling foul
Making me to give up on life
As I’ve no more strength to
continue this strife!
Dr Parul Anand


Trees are beauty of nature,
Home to every creature.
Without trees every place is alone,
Around trees birds make a drone.
Trees are like crown,
Which never let us down.
Trees give us everything,
But take nothing.
Cutting a tree with knife,
Is like destroying a life
They are the spectacular feature
So protect them to maintain the
beauty of nature.
Rajesh Sawhney


Best Friends

They love you, and embrace your scars…
‘Cause you are each other’s superstars!
They annoy and irritate you sometime,
But you enjoy your life at full with those who are your partner in crime!
They can make you roll out of laughter and burst you with the happiness’ tears,
You together, make the perfect pair!
They never judge you and trust you a lot…
they can slap you anytime, on the spot!
They hug you at your failure
and celebrate your victory,
they are the one with whom
you share your every mystery!
Every time you cry…they feel bad,
they will always repeat the line
“Dude I’m your dad”!
On your face they say just go and die but
they won’t let anyone else
to make you cry!
They are someone who match
your level of craziness…
you giggle with them even
when the situation is intense!
With whom “thank you”
“please” and “sorry” are kind a
rude stuff…to bring each
other on a right track just a slap and a hug is enough!
Having someone as your
true best friend is really a
thing of gladness…
You are each other’s perfect partners in
sadness as well as in madness!
Himani Gupta


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