inner voice

kashmir through my eyes


Terror is not going to fade
Hopes die but souls stay
At the place they called heaven
Now the curse has diminished
Brightness has spread,
Hearts reflecting laughter
Lights colouring days
There is happiness, adventure
and beauty,
A wonder is Kashmir
starts out in the day
Hints refreshing and
peaceful days.
Sannidhya Sharma



O’ butterfly
Color of sky
Soft and velvet
I watch you fly
Sit on a flower
Then fly again
Batting lashes
Playful in sunlight
Flattered by your
Fluttering wings
I try to catch you
Then let you go
O’ sweet butterfly
You’re such a delight !
Shujai Shaminotra


O Dear Eyes!


Eyes, Eyes, Eyes
Everyone’s eyes on the phone
Whatsapp, Facebook
Instagram, Pubg
Catching everyone’s eye.
Hey, eyes
Yes you eyes.
Look what’s that
Red, pink, yellow, white
Beautiful flowers and
little butterflies,
Tall trees and fresh fruits.
Said the refreshed eyes
What a view!
Charvi Kalsotra




Mother is the dearest
one on earth
As she gives us birth
Mother is our friend
Her love has no end
Mother is frank
And is on the top rank
Mother is kind
And is epitome of affection
If you want a heavenly seat
You can find it under
mother’s feet
Sanjay Dhar,
Laxmi Nagar,
Sarwal, Jammu