inner voice

What’s there for me….

You bestowed me with a life so beautiful
My exuberant world was so colourful
You showered your love, then set me free
I never asked you what’s there for me
I owe you my life, I owe you my death
I’ll carry your terms till my last breath
In the direst of circumstances, I didn’t flee
And neither did I care what’s there for me
I pray for you all the day long
I don’t break down, so you stay strong
Adding life to your days now holds the key
I never think what’s there for me
Where my selflessness never mattered
When my belief and dreams got shattered
When the fight with expectations
went all at sea
Then only I realized,
there’s nothing for me.
Shubham Panjgotra


Night dream is just a virtual world,
Till it is boundless and not bold.
A good night dream,
Resembles a fresh, white, well toned cream.
Sleeping in tranquil night,
Aiming to achieve the goal at any height.
To get real success in any field,
Even night dream works to
provide us the courage to yield.
In the mind of a stakeholder,
Mostly the goal got the platform
and support as a strengthened shoulder.
Just hardwork and luck can
help us achieving aim,
Which is just a night dream which
has now been achieved and not just fame.
Sahaj Sabharwal

Cheers to growing up

With the window down and music playing,
I felt little droplets on my nose.
It was ticklish and it made my heart come up smelling like a rose
With the scenic beauty and the sound of pouring rain,
I decided to close my eyes and stroll down the memory lane
With sparkly eyes and hair all wet,
I still remember dancing in the rain with no fear left.
With getting drenched and having a cup of coffee afterwards to sitting behind the walls, Where did it end?
With the wind howling and trees frightened, I decide to go out.
As I open the main door, I feel the rain
and a thought strikes up my horror.
Oh my wooden floor!
I suddenly shut the door and realise
“What Adulthood is caked up for”
Muskan Arora


Nature and God make the universe
Work and worship lead to God.
Intelligence and courage lead to success
Continents and oceans makes
the whole world
Hard work and luck lead to success.
Rest and rust leads to disaster
Time and tide waits for none.
Selflessness and creativity
make the creator.
Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar, Sarwal,