Inner Voice


The snow-capped mountains,
the lush green pastures,
bubbling springs,
the meandering rivers,
breath-taking slopes
and unparalleled natural beauty,
This is what my lovely state
Jammu and Kashmir is!
People of our state
known for their sweet tongue
and rich hospitality is in our blood.
Jammu profoundly characterised
with rich dogra culture
that exists with its allure
and exuberance of rituals.
Customs are a perfect blend of sweetened culture,
Dogri language is sure to make your heart flutter.
Khatta-meetha madra, ambal,
rajma-chawal, maani
meethe chaul and the very famous kalari.
These regional delicacies
are sure to melt in your mouth
and leave a sweet redolence
that would stay for long.
With your visit
to my beautiful place Jammu,
I am sure one would be mesmerised
in its comely abode.

Mehak Gupta Grover


I don’t need love from anybody else
That’s because I love myself
About me I can only understand
For me I am only my best friend
This world has many heartbreakers
For me I am my only caretaker
The love I wanted is in me,
I have kept it because me and my nature,
No one accepted
What kind of person I am I know it
And for that I don’t need
anyone’s certificate
And so before loving anybody
The one I have to love is me.

Sparshita Sharma
8th A
Presentation Convent
Sr. Sec. School


I think I remember the
last time I came here,
Maybe it was a few years or a
few decades, I’m not clear;
But the words written on your stone,
I can still read;
and interpret the thoughts
that you grieved.
Oh! Your grave is not silent and
speaks your words-
The words you felt and the
words which have lived,
And they make me realize
you want me to hear-
Hear your glory and hear your fears-
The fears of darkness and
the glory of glare.
As I walk through the less known-
And see the graves of the lived souls,
I can sense the shrieking silence of the rain,
But your voices are still awake:
Awake amid the raging roses
and the thorns of war;
Awake amid the falling warriors
and the calls of god.
But you sleep awake and hear your life.
I see you sleep in death’s demise.

Ayushi Bhat
K C International School