Inner Voice


“Kindly let me in” pleaded the vagabond,
Terrified , hounded and hatred haunted.
I witnessed this pitiable scene,
Waiting for signal to turn green.
Those officials and ministerials
seemed indifferent
To his pain and suffering , none relent .
Perturbed , struck by a memory,
Seeing such existent devilry
Stumbled upon latest occurring
Devastated by depleting inventory
Perforced to leave own country
Genocide , war and ethnic cleansing
Being the reasons primary
Their lives being cramped and
reduced to freelancing …….
Those war torn countries hiding
A skeleton in cupboard, driving
Their people homeless,
jobless and hopeless
Making them depressed,
aggrieved and hopeless……..
Marred by hunger , poverty and
no human rights
Frightened by terrorism,
often forced to leave at midnight !
Some perish, some dream
Some inspire, some grieve
With a dark and bleak future they live !!
Banging the doors of rich States
Pleading them to open their gates
Fearing refugees might bring in disorder
That s why they seal their borders……..
In a bid to make his present better
I decided to provide the vagabond
a shelter;
Dull but gleamy, his eyes
reflected his poverty
Indeed yearning for dignity and liberty;
An NGO I called upon
Willingly, they took him in thereupon.
As I took a leave from him,
He cursed and reproached
RIP humanity…….washed ashore ;
Reflecting on the situation grim….
If our fellow beings we are loathing,
If our fellow beings aint dreaming,
And if such a vagabond has
evil forebodings,
Where, I pondered, the
humanity is heading ????

Aditi Choudhary
Bohri Jammu


A mother is the jewel of the world
The one who is concerned
She is the idol of love
As calm as a dove
She nurtures good habits in a child
Without her the word would be like a wild
She never takes leaves
Because in hard work she believes
The world would be bare
without a mother
Because like her there is no other
She is as beautiful as a flower
And shines like a star

Shivakshi Sharma

Imprudent People

Always busy at judging her
Always busy at criticizing her
Neither they mind their own business
Nor they have the fear of God
Just keep judging at her short clothes
Just keep judging at her last night outings
Not only they explain their
lame judgemental theory
But also adore it with foolish excuses
They claim it to be against
their religious culture
They claim it to be against God’s will
Unmindful of their many
own shortcomings
Unmindful of their bad deeds
They just keep talking unnecessarily
They just keep talking foolishly
They claim girls to be sin of the nation
But categorize boys as that
of God’s character
These people need to be
awakened from their ‘fairy world’
God knows when will they awake a feeling of repentance within themselves
God knows when will their foolish minds be converted into perspicacious minds…!
And then convert from imprudent people to wise one.

Nishtha Tikoo
St. Xavier Convent School