Inner Voice


When you have had
A purpose of living your life;
When you pursue your only passion
Without any sort of distraction;
When your interest keeps you
Riveted all to your calling;
When you feel no tiredness;
When there is all fun
And no boredom and meaninglessness.
When you have a sense
Of fulfilment deep within;
You have a life worth living!

Surat Singh,

It is written!

The little girl with a bright smile,
Carrying the weight too agile;
Having scattered hair on her face,
But doing her work with ace;
Skin covered with an old rag,
Not having much to brag;
Picking the scrap with foul odour,
With her small hands mild and tender;
Yet her face had the charm,
As if the sun had no harm;
Yet her eyes showed the
strength of her soul,
As if she was proud on the whole;
Yet her hands joined together to pray,
As if it didn’t matter anyway;
She exemplified that money never
meant happiness,
She exemplified that face never meant beauty,
She exemplified that power
never meant respect,
She exemplified that silence
never meant fear,
She exemplified that humbleness
never meant weakness,
And she exemplified that age
never meant wisdom,
So donot try to unfold the hidden,
Because all of it is already written!!

CA Surbhi Arora


I am born to validate my Existence
Make this world glow in my sunshine
Don’t stop me as I am unstoppable
What I desire, I will get it
I am a free bird in the sky
Born to touch the heights of the sky
Don’t stop my flight by letting me down
What I dream, I will achieve
it by my will power
I am the definition of selfless love
Mould me like the way you thought
Don’t take my love for granted as I am here to rule by love
What I love by heart, I will take
care of it till my last breath

Niha Raina


No one stands for you,
No one claps for you …
Until You dare to speak,
And represent the ‘Real You’.
Fake smiles on the face,
Flatterers, also do the praise.
They will be around you,
But You will be alone in ‘Life’s Race’.
No motivator is the Real,
Because they too have some fear.
They will try to drag you down,
By always being your near.
Be calm and hold your breath,
Be encouraged and use your strengths.
Your will power is superior of all,
It can’t be measured in lengths.
When you are focused at your aim,
You learn well to play the game.
Then your success shouts for you,
Your ‘name’ earns the ‘Fame’.

Gurvinder Kour Raina
Holy Cross Convent High School