Inner Voice

Sweet Sixteenth, Friend

In the class sitting on the bench
I saw her enter amongst the rest
But there was something about her
That made her different from the rest
That face stood out in the crowd
Though quiet but said things aloud
Not knowing her then
I missed out on a lot
The year passed and we didn’t talk
Our sections split and seeing each other often stopped
Time flew and together we were in the same section again
Half the time she would be away
Going for drama, quizzes and debates
Star she was in everyone’s eyes
Something about her that made me smile
One day I saw her cry
Wanted to go and hug her tight
And tell her that she deserved it right
But close we weren’t then
And then the day when we were a
few in the class
We started talking and
something common tricked
Urdu became our bonding brick
Our love for debating and Khewa
The K issue of my state
She understood from her ideological base
The duo depending on each
Mutual it was
I helping her with our Matra Bhasha
She advising me on Shakespeare’s Paribhasha
That is how the friendship blossomed
Writing chits and birthday notes
What fun it was when it actually had to rest
Saying good byes
It was not a thing I could deal with
But a long farewell note set things right
She made me laugh while my heart cried
From awkward strangers to close friends
The journey so beautiful gone by
It didn’t mean to end but flow on
Sweet Sixteenth my friend
Our bond is meant to stay strong!
Anannaya K Sangra
(Mayo College Girls’ School Ajmer)



No one stands for you,
No one claps for you…
Until you dare to speak,
And represent the ‘Real You’.
Fake smiles on the face,
Flatterers, also do the praise.
They will be around you,
But you will be alone in ‘Life’s Race’.
No motivator is the real,
Because they too have some fear.
They will try to drag you down,
By always being your near.
Be calm and hold your breath,
Be encouraged and use your strengths.
Your will power is superior of all,
It can’t be measured in lengths.
When you are focused at your aim,
You learn well to play the game.
Then your success shouts for you,
Your ‘name’ earns the ‘Fame’.
Gurvinder Kour Raina
Holy Cross Convent
High School


Message to earth

Our birth
Our worth,
Our death
On you dear earth
Keeping you clean is our aim,
We all are neither lame,
Nor playing a game
Ensuring that none will get blame.
Hope your sustainability will rise,
In which none will criticise
Keeping in mind our requirement size,
Every decision must be of wise.
Hope there will be no more droughts,
And no more pollution
with which we fought,
Regarding humans we should be taught,
Ensuring urge to follow these thoughts.
Sahaj Sabharwal