Inner Voice


Full of happiness and joy
Like Butterfly
Fly low and high
Among the beautiful flowers
And enjoys heaven
Life sometimes;
Getting so charming
And beautiful
Like a bride
Adorned with so many
Precious jewels
Inside smiling
And her Coyness
Gives Life
A new hope to live it
Life; romancing with time
Enjoys it every glass of wine

Kiran Kanchan
Machhlian, Domana

Your choice

You can either be saint or
you can be a sinner,
Be a loser or be a winner.
Always speak truth or depend upon lies,
Make your life the best or destroy
other people’s lives.
What I mean is you can be good,
you can be evil,
You can be strong you can be feeble.
You can develop your character
you can destroy it too,
You can live like others or
be in your own shoe.
Your fate is in your hands
you can make it better!
Why not start it today instead
of regretting it later?
Choice is yours whether
you want to take the path;
To a sweet after life
(heaven) or to the world of wrath (hell)

Ananya Mahajan


Seek opportunity, life is strange
It is what you make it, be a change
Seek love; why think of hatred that way
Tomorrow never comes, enjoy today
Seek joy, ignore what makes sad
Love the good as well as bad
Seek peace; in hot pursuit of success
Nothing is permanent so is happiness
Seek blessings, listen to your inner voice
Ultimately the last thing
to do is rejoice

Dr Vikas Jamwal
Kamdhenu Homz


I wake up to the chirping of birds
A cool breeze drifts through the window
Carrying earthy scent
I take a walk…
The ground soft and moist
Tiny flowers grown in yellow,
violet and pink
Ladybirds in red!
Butterflies and bees sip nectar
I walk bare feet on the dewy grass
And stroll towards….
Drawn by the floral musk
I get close to an apricot tree
Its blossoms white and fragile
Sparrows fly from one branch
to another
The sun rises over the mountains
Pouring soft amber light