inner voice


Birds flitting about in mirth
Amid garden groove;
Beaming smiles all around
Flowers of different hue-
Pink Red Yellow Green
Of Marigold Rose
Marry Jasmine.
Fragrance-laden breeze blowing
Over the dale and hill;
All day long a fresh blossom feel,
O’ heart sing, sing the moments
Of sweet spring, the youth…!
Surat Singh




Everyday is a celebration
To reach You.
To open eyes in a
Dew drop morning
To see You.
To walk up the long varanda
With closed eyes
Towards You.
To open eyes
To see You smile ocean.
My Mother
You are
Divine Peace.
With me
Sujit De,




Ask me and I will tell
How much fun it is to laugh and yell
Bad scores and wrong deeds
Yet happy inside out
Sometimes I feel like dancing and shout
Moments later I really doubt
What the future is no one knows
People and world such a lovely place
Then why do I feel out of the race?
Let me clear it all to all
Throw your word at me
like a ball and trust me, I have a bat
Spend my early days
watching mouse and cat
Ask me and I will tell
What I have is a little corner
And its again fun to cry and yell
Solitude is not the only way to find peace
I know it from sounds of hums and drums, claps and slaps, taunts and haunts.
And Remember to laugh it
out as it goes Mix it well
One drop sadness
Two drops anger
And all the darkness that you dwell
Look at me as a cook and
darling I’m not an open book
Ask me and I will tell
No person is more important
than you yourself.
Trust in your hearts and brains
they are not for attacks and pains
Cheer up for what you have
Last time let me tell
This little life is to
Laugh and Yell !
Sargam Sharma