Inner Voice


God is the creator,
He made this nature.
He made the moon,
He made the stars,
He made the trees
He made the flowers.
But what we are doing?
Spoiling the nature,
Thinking that we are the creator.
These floods and these droughts,
are coming because of our faults.
Walking with nature,
will not make us small,
But will give us everything we want.
Remember this nature is our mother,
which gives us everything for our need
but not for our greed!!!

Palak Gupta,
Presentation Convent


Friend is like a lamp in the dark,
Together we fight and have lark.
She is one who understands us,
And withdraws us from any fuss.
I too have a friend,
Who is healer of my heart tearing rend.
Her presence is like,
scent of incense mingled with happiness
Her position in my heart is no less!
Though you live far away,
Still you are near my heart,
It is a great pain to let you apart…
I can be silly with you,
I can be all myself with you,
All the hardships I can go through.
You helped me laugh,
You wiped my tears,
Because of you I have no fears.
When I wanted you,
You were always by my side,
Do you remember those days?
When you used to seek,
I used to hide.
Hand in hand, love is send,
We’ll be besties……. till the end!!!

Vetasta Pandita

Way of life

My favourite colour was red
I changed it to grey
Everybody says I’m old fashioned
I’m on the small side!
Living in a town life
I’m on the high side
Living in the hill life
Feel the rush of cold air
There is snow
falling everywhere
I’m on the best side
This is the way of life
Living on the river side
Doing some boat rides
There comes a waterfall
Come fight and fall
I come to the town side
Travelling is my fashion
It’s the way of life!!

‘Geet Kaur’
Prudence School,
Dwarka, New Delhi


How far shall
I mend my fate.
Deserted am I
From earth to heaven.
How had I wished
Not to be known
For what I was.
But unnoticed thus
How far could I go.
It had to come about
At long last.
What happened
was within me.
Perhaps, it was my destiny;
It was my own making.

Surat Singh, KAS


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