inner voice



With every person I meet,
I leave a part of myself
It is their’s to treat it in any way
They please.
Or cherish
Or keep it forgotten,
Wrapped under dusted sheets.
What power so I behold over something
That wasn’t even mine
to begin with?
What more than
A fleeting feeling
Can their treatment ever provide?
Purti Sethi




O Winter!

A morning of freezing water
and intense cold
Getting solace in the early Sun
rays of glittering gold
How everything is standstill,
and getting numb
As nothing is visible in the dense fog,
feeling dumb
Snow-capped mountains,
ice melting down the hills
And cool breezes are
wrapping us with chills
With each passing day,
it seems limitless and harsh
Life gets cosy when you
just think of upcoming March
A cup of hot tea with light
snacks around the flame
Day passes watching TV
and playing the favourite online game
Crisp air, sweaters and boots,
hot stew, fires burn
Kettles sing, mother earth
sinks to rest until the next turn
O winter!
Dr Vikas Jamwal
Kamdhenu Homz, Jammu



I love this word.
It carries a lesson of wisdom
It speaks to me every time,
When I speak or do something unethical
It also chides me like a father
or sometimes whispers something
into my ears
like my mother does.
It covers my heart with black tar
As soon as I realize
I have gone too far
Shuvam Sangoch




What if life was all the way roses
No body was aware of medicines
and doses
Who would care for emotions
and feelings
Life would be just four
walls and ceilings
Languishing in turmoil people
Then they long for and belong
to each other
Turning the thorns of
difficulties into roses
Life succeeds if not in proses.
Satish Koul
Bharat Nagar
Talab Tilloo